International call is made between different countries and these calls are usually processed by switches or international gateway exchanges. Sometimes people have to deal with international partners or clients and they feel need of making International Call eventually. If you are associated with any kind of business and have partners in other countries, you should look for the ways to save on calling. Many people get confused when it comes to technical details associated with international call such as local, rates and much more.

International calls have never been affordable. Earlier the charges of international calls were very high but now it has declined. Nowadays people can make the most of it. The price of international calls depends on various factors. But liberalization and advancement in technology have played very important role in making international call charges affordable for everyone.

Earlier international calls were transmitted by radio, communication satellites and cables. International Direct Dialling was introduced in 1970 and it became possible to make calls without an operator.


International call can be paid via calling card or phone card. There are some famous telecommunications products allow users to start an international call from anywhere. These phone cards provide lower rate than traditional calling services and products. There are so many ways to call internationally by using your mobile phone.  You can easily make international call by dialing country code together with phone number directly.  But it can be the most expensive way to make international calling.

You can make international calls by using VoIP applications on smart phones like Google Voice, Skype, fring and more. There are few applications that allow you to make

international calls for free. These are basically paid by sponsors. These applications use 3G mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection to make calls.

One such service provider for cheap and high quality international calls is “”. You can visit this company’s website and enjoy high quality international calling in very affordable rates. It also provides you free talk time of 100 minutes for trail. The greatest feature it offers is that you can call from any phone to anywhere. You can use your mobile, laptop, landline, etc. to make international calls on very affordable rates.


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